Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Art Show

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a long time so here's a quick run down of my summer. Crissy and I moved into a great apartment in North Kansas City. We're slowly getting it furnished and it's really coming together great. I was offered a job back with the photography studio but now I'm transferred to the one in KCMO so I live less than 5 minutes from work. It's awesome and since Crissy got promoted to manager and acting as my boss she makes sure that I have Sunday's off so I can go to church (which was a big issue last year). I'm super excited about that. I'm visited a few new churches here in KCMO and I've met some really nice people but I miss the Vinyard in Leavenworth. Earlier in the summer I took an job in an advertising firm which was okay but dishonest and soon became something that I hated. However, I visited a business that happened to be an art gallery (I was on site for the ad company)...I was chit chatting with the manager and mentioned that I was a photographer on the side. She asked to see some of my work and later called me and said she had to find a new artist for a show on July 20th...they asked me to be apart of the art walk this Thursday and my photographs will be on display in the gallery in Lee's Summit! Yeah! So....
I have a few pics for you all to look at....I'll explain + I had to post a few pics of my family and my cats....Vinny and Fathead who live very comfortable in me and Crissy's apartment. So take a look and tell me what you think....God Bless and Much Peace....

The first one above is a result of candle experiments I did in the mirror....focusing only on the light of the flame...I'm slowly learning the different setting of my old camera and I'm messing with lenses....so this is a learning experience for sure.

The one above is another candle experiement (if you guys have any verses that might be better than what I've chosen....tell me!

Okay, the feet one below is a little different. I asked Crissy if she'd let me paint her feet. She was a good sport and the pictures turned out pretty good...better than I expected considering I was taking pictures of feet. This picture is actually a one part of a series of four pictures which were matted and displayed together.

In addition to the four feet things and the candle....I also used some of the pics I took in Guatemala....Everyone seemed to like the picture of the dock so I enlarged that pic and I'm using that and a few others. So the photo show is random and vary...but that's my work. I hope to do this again in the future and if I get the chance then I'll put pictures that tie together better.
I'm in the process of a photo project that involves the colaboration of several churches here in the KC metro area...I'm still praying about it but it's been on my heart for several months. Detail are in the works...so pray for me and this project that God may guide my heart so that He may be fully glorified in this project. I'm hoping to get this accomplished by September....but I will give details later. I hope to get a website up and running for the project as well. .....

Okay: so on to Family Photos! Yeah!

The Fam! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Baby Annika, Jenna, Jeremiah, Me, Angela, and Josh! We're a happy bunch!

Baby Annika...so so cute

These are my babies...me and Crissy live with two very lazy cats...Vinny and FatHead-Pretty Eyes!

Yeah!!! I'm done!

....Okay well that concludes my update! Love to all and Praise the Lord for He is awesome!