Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm back! So long time no! Well, I'm super busy with school and finals. I'm in the middle of directing a One Act and I just finished the production of MadWoman of Chaillot....where I played the Madwoman of Chaillot....It was tough and tiring but I'm sad to be done with it....I loved the character...I loved the challenge and the play was amazing! Luke has a new music myspace....check it I knew you'd give in...You're songs are amazing! Keep writing! (You rock my face right off!) Thanks to my brother and Sarah who came to see my show....that truely meant the world to know that family supports me in my efforts to pursue theatre. I had a great time with you guys....thanks a lot! Oh....and so my Gutatemala series continues! After about a month of posting nothing...well...I suppose I should try to make up for it! Ha! Love love love....Try to post more crazy busy!  Posted by Picasa

My photography students.... Posted by Picasa

After class.... Posted by Picasa

Erika Posted by Picasa

Jancy Posted by Picasa

Karla Posted by Picasa

Karla Posted by Picasa

Islanda Posted by Picasa

Picture taken by of my students for the week....great picture don't ya think...awww Timing! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ask me any question for a reassuring thumbs up!.... Posted by Picasa

Destruction to one of the buildings Side By Side built in Chutenel...after the mudslides...caused by the hurricane last October.  Posted by Picasa

I'm not paying attention... Posted by Picasa

There it is! Aww...cute is what we aim for! Posted by Picasa

Back at the farm Posted by Picasa

Nice earrings.... Posted by Picasa

Where did our arms go you say?? Posted by Picasa

what....I was chilly Posted by Picasa

I found the lost door to Narnia! Posted by Picasa

On the way to Panahachel and Santiago Posted by Picasa

Kiddo's in Providencia Posted by Picasa