Sunday, March 26, 2006

Guatemala Series...continued.

So here are more pictures from Guatemala. I miss San Lucas already. I still have yet to post my photography project with the kids at the school. I wish I could share some of the pictures they took; they take better pictures than I do. :) Anyway....that's coming up...but enjoy these for now.

I never really leave this place.

Sunrise..... Posted by Picasa

Lake Atitlan...morning. Posted by Picasa

Sun is setting... Posted by Picasa

Be thankful I'm only posting four of these...there's more where this came from...but last June I didn't take advantage of the beautiful flowers there in this is part of my flower series.  Posted by Picasa

There's just so many pretty flowers in Guatemala! (I'm actually doing a flower series for my mom...she's a fan of flowers) Posted by Picasa

Here's another Posted by Picasa

I like flowers :) Posted by Picasa

William in front of the parish...he met us every morning.  Posted by Picasa

These kids were from the church I went to while I was there....I got worship in Spanish!  Posted by Picasa

I took a day and went back to Providencia to visit the kids I knew from last June...They all remembered me and it was so hard to leave them after one day...I may have gotten emotional...or whatever. I missed them so much.....I still do. It was a nice reunion. Posted by Picasa

Olga and Ana-Sofia from last year...When I returned to Providencia these two girls knew me immediately..."Julia Julia."  Posted by Picasa

Ramo, Nelson, Me and Santiago, in the Casa de Miel...(Honey House) harvesting honey! This is how I spent my mornings! So much fun. Ramon in the red ( is my newly adopted grandfather...I've decided! He taught me so much....about the Mayan people, about bees and honey, it was all just so fun. Posted by Picasa

The Parish Posted by Picasa

Me and Miss in front of the parish with the kids Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Guatemala Series: An Intro

For lack of funding, I am slowly but surely getting my pictures developed from Guatemala! So I'll start you off with a few pics I messed with.....and then some others that people took of here's the beginning! the picture above is a a building in Antigua just as the sun was on....

I call this one...bird lovin! Look at'em....their kissing.....there are so many parrots in Guatemala...I must admit....I tampered with this pic...used a spot light/ cool tone lense...then later brought their colors out on the much fun!

This is our group...we are 11 from 45 that were originally supposed to go....It was really pretty perfect though. It was a good group.

Leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good picture....who is that nut? Man I love Guatemala.

This is me back in Providencia with all my kiddo's from last year. I missed them so much and it was amazing because they knew "Julia, Julia" as soon as they saw me! It was a great reunion! Olga was showing me her pictures from last year....they treasure pictures of their family. So very cool!

Well, I guess that's it for now...I willl surely post more throughout the week. The end will be more of my project with the kids and the school. But before I go....I must show you...

Action Figure Jesus.....breaking the bread!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

When in Rome.....(um yeah that doesn´t really apply here)

I´ve just decided....I´m not coming home.


Monday, March 06, 2006


Okay, so four! Right on....these days seem to run together like nothing else. things continue to be rockin my face off down here. It's so amazing! I left off on Saturday...and after dinner I took myself to the Ingelsia de Penecostes....Oh Man!...To worship in Spanish is crazy fun! It was awesome! You guys just don't know.....just so cool. The people there welcomed me and Melissa, Sam and Becca and they put us in the front row and after church we were greeted by the people there....Let me say that I have never been welcomed into a church like I was at this church! Every single person came up to me and shook my hand or hugged me, thanked me for coming...said it was so wonderful to have young people from the US come to their tiny church...such a blessing! It was so cool! And worship rocked!

Okay, so after that, we met the rest of the group at Casa Vieja...which is a little hole in the wall discoteca....And I learned how to Marange...(don't know if I spelled that right) so much fun!


I got to work with the kids today on the art project and I get to do this all week. What I'm doing is helping out with an afterschool art project which will teach the kids how to use and operate a camera effectively so they can take pictures of their family and things in the city that are most important to them which is awesome because I will get to see the city of San Lucas through their eyes! I might learn a few things as a photographer. Today, we did introductions and I am working with kids in the fifth grade....mostly boys. I learned that, if the families have a choice in educating their children then they will most likely put the boys in school and keep the girls to work at since this is an afterschool project we only have like five girls and about 21 boys. So tomorrow will be instructions on the pictures and I'll get group and travel around the city to take pictures....they each get about 10 pictures which will be put into an album for their family. Today, we had them fill out questionaires about them and different questions that stretched their creativity...(I guess here they are not encouraged in art or creativity so this will hopefully be beneficial for them) Then we had them decorate the front of their albums with pictures and such things.....and I took a portrait of each one of the kids and that will be the beginning of their album! Each kid gets a back of paper, crayons, a pencil, a magic marker that turns different colors (even I was super excited about that!)....and a photo album....Oh man...the smiles and excitement on the faces of these kids were amazing! It was so exciting!
SO MUCH FUN! Great project and I can't believe things fell into place so perfectly!

This morning I traveled up the mountain with the group to the village that was supposed to recieve the building....and met the leaders of the community. Ken arranged a project for the rest of the week....In the morning for me....I'll be with the group painting the school building at the community so we still have chance to make connections with them and get to know them before the next group comes up to build with Strickland. The kids are hilarious much fun! The community we're working in is Chuicnja...which is more likely spelled wrong and I don't know how to write things in Chat'che'kal...which is their first language....Anyway....It means.....sweet land...because they raise sugar or honey....or something sweet like that....I need to stop talking!

Okay...Keyboard is different here...Kind havin a hard time typing and such...

Okay...well that's all for now! I'll write after a couple days of working! Oh it down here! No worries though...I will return!

On a side note:

Okay....well...Love to all!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hola To All My Homies!

Hey everyone! Well, I made it safely to Guatemala! Yeah! Today we all went on a tour of all the projects that the parish is involved in so we get a better feel of what kind of volunteer opportunities we will be involved in since building the school fell through. For those who do not know yet, the school building we were going to build did not make it through customs so Melissa and I are the only two Saint Mary students that decided to go ahead and come here because I know that the parish can always use volunteers. Today, on the tour I had to be the translater for the group because since the trip was almost cancelled the translaters were not they backed out and I became the only person in the group who knows any kind of Spanish....which is scary...but really it wasn´t too bad....We don´t know what kind of project we´re going to be helping with yet, but there are several options....They are building a women´s shelter that will house woman who are not married and teach them how to read, write, and cook and bake and so on....another option is helping the people here clear out land that the parish bought after the hurricane....looks pretty sad....but by clearing the land out...then within a couple of months the people will start building new community for the Mayans that´s a cool thing!

For me however, I met this woman who came down here to teach for a week and I talked extensively with her....she´s a spanish teacher in Nebraska, and she asked me, since I speak spanish...(more or less) to help her in the classroom.....Here´s the cool part....I would be teaching at 3 every day....grades 1 to 4....and the project she´s involved in is art based....really though...We are teaching the children about photography and how to work a camera and then the art project is putting together albums of their families....How cool....Me, teaching kids, using art and photography.....I knew there was a reason I came.....God works in awesome, amazing ways! So that´s my project for the week....I´ll work in the morning on the parish projects and then in the afternoon....I´ll be teaching photography to the kids....YEAH! (Big Smile!)

I´m staying in a different place than I did last year but it is still so beautiful! I remember everything!...The smells, the people, the city of San Lucas....Loves it! Oh...and Marta, this woman I remember from last year....she remembered me and she invited me to salsa I think Melissa and I are going dancing with Marta tonight! How fun!

I´m having such a wonderful time so far and I´m so glad that I had this opportunity to come and experience something completely new! God is awesome....

Okay....well, I´ll post more later.....
Lots of Love,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Guatamala: Here I Go Again!

Hey y'all! So I leave for Guatamala at 3:45 A.M. on Friday....Yikes! So close and I really haven't even packed. But, I'll be gone for a little over a week and even though I'm so excited, I'm don't feel as prepared as last time. I could use all of your prayers and good thoughts: God is doing amazing things in my life and I'm so excited that He's chosen me for these adventures. Please pray that God will be present in through the whole of our journey and we will be fruitful in our endeavors....I can't wait to go back. a way for like going home....Last year my heart never really left Guatamala and I can't believe it's been less than a year and I'm returning to a place that continues to change my life and touch my heart.

I'll be posting while I'm down there so be sure to check back in!

Peace and Love to all!