Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Father's Daughter

As part of my English requirements, I am taking a Writer's Workshop with one of my favorite Sisters...the resident poet here at Saint Mary. Her passion for poetry is incredible and I so much enjoy her class. Every week we are required to write three poems. Concrete in matter so that a reader would perhaps see what the poet sees. I don't consider myself a poet in any sense...most of my works include abstract I was challenged to tell a story. So this story is about my father. He told me when he first learned guitar, he watched others and repeated what he saw and played and played. Self taught. I play guitar today because of my father. It's the sound that ties me to the memories of him when he plays and when he sings. I am my father's daughter and he has inspired me and still does in so many ways. It is no wonder that my first assignment should be inspired by him as well. Untitled, but here it is:

I saw his fingers bleed.
Each callous surrendering to the cold course steel,
And still he played for hours,
Bowing his head at the center; an act of prayer
Though his hands never met.
I saw his fingers dance,
Each one to a different tune, a different rhythm,
My father knew this song.
Every note and chord,
Every curve and direction of the grain
Excited the possibility
For a knock, thrap, hum that would escape the hollow belly.
I would hear it whisper.
I would hear it roar.
I saw his fingers write poems that echoed no words.
I watched,

And soon my fingers would find their own song

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Late Night Update

It's been a while, I would agree. I haven't been a writing mood recently. I've read a lot...a lot! But writing...ehh. I got through the first week of classes this semester and well...I'm in it for the long hall. Hard core English and Theatre classes that require a lot of time, reading, writing, time, early mornings and, time. No worries- I no longer have a job, I've taken a break from the Good Samaritan Project in KC and I did not audition for the upcoming production. So time, I have. So really, that's just turning a frown upsidedown. :)
Late this evening I helped the tech. director build the set for the upcoming show "Honestly." Patrick, Tyler, Crissy and I worked for several hours tonight and last night and I finally have a break to sit, relax and study the several blisters I received from hammering nails and redoing a frame for a trap door because one of the sides was an inch shorter than the other...and cutting 48 legs and braces...yada yada...and so on and so forth. I must say, I have some pretty attractive blisters. Though rewarding, I don't believe I will be making carpentry my profession. Patrick and I decided that building a set is really just like playing with a really expensive lego set save the exciting colors. Good times. :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Something Beyond

"I think all Christians would agree with me if I said that though Christianity seems at the first to be all about morality, all about duties and rules and guilt and virtue, yet it leads you on, out of all that, into something beyond. One has a glimpse of a country where they do not talk to those things, except perhaps as a joke. Every one there is filled full with what we should call goodness as a mirror filled with light. But they do not call it goodness. They do not call it anything. They are not thinking of it. They are too busy looking at the source from which it comes. But this is nesar the stage where the road passes over the rim of our world. No one's eyes can see very far beyond that: lots of people's eyes can see further than mine. "

-from Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis