Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Let Me Explain....No, There Is Too Much...Let Me Sum Up...

(Princess Buttercup is to wed Humperdink in little less than half an hour)...
bonus points if you can name that movie!

Okay, major catching up to do! So sorry I've been M.I.A. for more than a month but I've been keeping busy....So hold on tight kids...we're going for a ride........................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Zoom Zoom!

I miss Guatamala a lot! Never thought I would ache this bad after a service project, but it's funny how God keeps your heart pulled toward certain things. Hopefully I will be able to continue my travels either to Guatamala or other places. I can only pray that I'm willing if my Father calls.

Family: I took Jenna Ben's senior pictures a couple weeks ago. She's 18 and in her last year of High School. Yeah Bean....I have to say she's look quite hot in her pictures too! Other than that....Baby time is almost here...Annika Michelle Paige should be here in as month or so and Josh and Angie are busy prepareing the house for a new member of the family. I want to take the baby pictures! I'm so excited for my family...what a joyous blessing to bring a baby into the Paige family! Congratulations to all y'all! Love to all my family...I'm three hours away but I miss them all the time. Praise God for the Love shared in our family.....what a treasure to be cherished. (Love you guys! )

Friends: Roomates are great! So funny. We all built a fort in the middle of our living room and traveled back in time to the time we were 12 and forts were cool! Ha ha. Called Josh Entremont, a good friend of mine from a long time ago...He is getting married so I wish him and Rene only the best: Congrats you two! Josh I'm glad to hear you're doing well.

Pets: My roomates and I have a cat! Silent Bob Buttons Lunchbox! We call him Bob...and he's a handful. My arm has become a scratching post. Loves it!

JOBS! I LOVE MY JOBS! Okay, everyone knows that I love the leavenworth times newspaper job....but loveing my new job at Portrait Innovations in Overland Park. Seriously, I get paid to act like a two year old, play with kids and take their pictures. So much fun. God truely blessed me with this opportunity. I Love taking pictures and I'm working with some amazing Christian people which is rare but such a wonder of God's work in my life. Greatness....just Greatness!

Church: Unfortunately the studio takes up quite a bit of my time and Sunday mornings are no longer available for me to attend the Vinyard. However, I am currently apart of this college/college grad. group called the Gathering. So I know the name isn't incourageing and it sounds a bit iffy...but the group is amazing and it's comprised of people my age. The messages are great, and worship rocks my little socks off! Last week Part 1 of a two part message entitle: Crossroads of Life: Dating....Dating tips....yikes. Good stuff but not for me right now!

Keeper of my Heart,
Praise You
For You are Enough!

I'll try to keep up. Love to all!