Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am here in the states, but.... Posted by Hello

My heart is in Guatamala. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sunrise in San Lucas: I woke up with the sunrise every morning. I couldn't wait to start the day....I had no watch or clock or schedule. Days were long and I have never enjoyed working hard so much....I loved it. What a blessing this trip has been. Thank you all for your prayers. I chose the sunrise because I pray that this is not the end of a trip but the beginning and a continuation of a journey God has in store for me. Such beauty.  Posted by Hello

What a geek!  Posted by Hello

At the dedication one of the older women of the community taught me one of their dances...I later showed them how to do the electric slide! Quite the sight! Posted by Hello

Playin soccer in the mountains....I played a few times with the much fun.  Posted by Hello

Tara brought this huge soccer ball for the kids which turned out to be a big hit! Posted by Hello

Lydia and Mateo label their new school! Posted by Hello

The Crew: Courtney, Tara, Samantha and Jeff...Lunch break! Posted by Hello

Day before we have to leave: On the way to Antigua and Pannajachel we stopped at Ixmche...Mayan ruins about an hour from San Lucas. Cool stuff! Posted by Hello

I soon became a human jungle gym...they would swing, climb, hang, tickle...all at the same time! Time of my life! O...hanging on me would be Olga and Ronni and Juan David is waiting in line.  Posted by Hello

Yosydie (Claira's older sister) and Douglas....We gave the kids magnetic letters so they could spell things out....the name game never grew old! "Julia!" Posted by Hello

Claira on the scaffolding...she was so much fun! Posted by Hello

Me and Hyme bolting the perlins to the main beams of the building.  Posted by Hello

Kate and me up on the roof of the school. This was. Thursday afternoon and we're putting the finishing touches on the building. I'm doing something with a power tool...? Posted by Hello

Andrais y Marvin the Man! These boys were awesome. They wanted to help with construction so bad so we put them to work and Marvin (the short one in front) borrowed my work gloves and he stepped up to help build his new school.  Posted by Hello

Me and Esther...Toliman is the volcano behind us!  Posted by Hello

Providencia-(view from the top of the hill. This is the old slave owner's house when the community was a finca. Today the Parish has bought the land and the Mayans now own their land and it is slowly becomeing "Nueva Providencia" Posted by Hello

Lake Atitlan in beautiful Guatamala...nice huh! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Julia, Julia..¨mas chicle por mi!¨

Hola everyone! What an incredible three days it has been. I´ll give you a brief overview of what´s been going on but I´ll be able to tell you more when I get back! Okay, here we go...

Monday: We started construction at seven in the morning. We are working with the community of Providencia which was an old Finca (property owned by one man who kept the Mayans as slaves) Since the Finca was destroyed the parish for whom I´m working bought the land and is handing it over to the community. The Mayans here are awesome. Twenty three families reside in Providencia and most of them live in one room stick houses. Each family has maybe one bed if their fortunate to split between families of 3 to 7 people. The head of the town, Marcus, or Cush as we call him which is a nickname for squirrel (ha ha) took us around to meet each family and said that it is very sad the way they live. (Vida es triste en Guatamala.) But this is their home and how they live and he said he feels blessed that God would give us gifts to share with them. The whole community is very excited about the new school. The present school is the finca ex-owner´s old house. Delapedated, it is quite inefficient. Bullet holes from the guerilla wars mark the building. It is quite sad.
However, hopefully things will change after we finish this school. The first day we errected the frame of the new school after carrying the parts up the mountain by hand or head or shoulder....however we did it, we did it. Sun was hot, the beams were the heaviest things I´ve ever put on my shoulders and I was soaked from head to toe after two trips. I made at least 20 trips. My legs hurt, my shoulders are bruised and I´m the sun has officially fried me like a chicken.....but I have never felt to good! It´s really all worth it when you know you are serving God through a service to others.

Okay, Tuesday: After two days, I was up on the beams about 12 feet in the air connecting perlins across 74 feet. So much fun. Again, fried like a chicken but the afternoon rain was welcomed by everyone. After two days every kid in the community knew me as Julia...most can´t pronounce Jubilee so I introduce myself as Julia (hoolia). I have made about 23 new little friends who all know my name and today (Wednesday) I have finally learned everyones name. I took a break from construction in the afternoon and played soccer with the kids with a giant soccer ball that we brought from the states. They were so excited. What was soccer, soon became soccer with no boundries and no rules, which soon developed into a cross between soccer, football americano, y rugby. Crazy fun! After the game which lasted forever, (by the way Melissa I get a green star for running today and tuesday!) I gave the kids Chicle...gum. Wow what a mob scene! Now I am known as the girl with the gum...Julia Julia mas chicle por mio!

Today: We´re more than half done with the school and will probably finish tomorrow. I got to play with the kids again. Then they sang to me and I to them...then I read to them...then we had a lesson in English...then they all followed me down and fought to hold my hand at the end of the day. I love them all! Honestly...I don´t want to leave! I could stay probably another month or five! ha ha...No but I will come home....sometime.

That´s all for now. I love you all! I can´t wait to tell you more! Keep praying and I´ll see you on Sunday...All my love and God bless....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Beautiful, Gorgeous, Wish You Were Here!

Hola from Guatamala! Just a quick note really before I have to go back to the parish. I love it here. We arrived safetly and took a ride up and down the mountains to reach the city on the hill...San Lucas Toliman right by Lake Atitlan. From our lodges we can see right out onto the lake and seriously, I have never seen such a beautiful sight. The environment is incredible and the people are amazing as well. So far I´ve had so much fun just getting to know the area as well as the children, who happen to be the best sales people I´ve ever met in my life. Crazy fun! I can´t believe I´m here sometimes. The area is a valley of communities and we are enveloped in one large mountainas circle.
Yesterday I walked around the community and met a lot of people. So friendly. The culture and the people truely are beautiful. Went to church this morning which was interesting. The music was amazing. Ah...I just love it here.
Tomorrow we go to work on the school for the little mayan community of Provinica. The people are so nice....openly friendly. A mud slide has take this whole town out the people are pretty much camping in tents. This is there way of life and they are the happiest bunch I´ve seen. Smiling faces eager to say hello and know your name. So tomorrow´s the big day. The group I´m with is wonderful and we get along famously. We are all going to be working our butts off tomorrow but we´re eager to get to work and finish by Thursday at least.
God is good and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to be here. Thank you all for your love an support. Missa, Crissy, and Katie...thank you for my luggage buddies and the cards you sent. I love you guys so much and I will be back before you know it.
Mom and Dad, I´m safe! I love you too!
Please continue to pray for all of here! What a blessed journey this will be!
Love to all!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Today is the day....

Hey all:
Today is the day I leave for Guatamala! Yikes...and Yeah (all at the same time!) I leave in about an hour so I can't write a lot. For those who are visiting my blog for the first to my Blog!

Today we leave for Guatamala city and I believe I'll be spending the majority of my time in a plane! Yeah....long plane rides. (Not like Todd's though I'm sure....sorry Todd) Tomorrow I leave for Antigua and I get to ride out on Lake Atitlan, which I heard was just beautiful. Op, times almost up...I'm really excited to be going on this trip. I know I'll have a great time and I'll be sure to take lots of pics to you can all see what I was up to! Please pray that everyone will be safe and each heart will be blessed as we leave to give our selves and our services to others. Lord protect this group as we travel today and continue to bless this trip and enrich the lives of our group and the people we come to know. May each one of our lives shine brightly with your love. Keep our hearts and our eyes open to new adventures and new and wonderful people. I offer all this up to you and ask that you would just keep us safe and bless our journey. I love you Lord.

That's all from me! Take care everyone-Peace and Love-Jubes