Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I am so not good at this....

Okay...so I've decided I'm not really good at keeping my blog updated. But, better late than never right?
Quick update:
Okay, so class has ended and summer is here! I did well on my finals I think, and my family, friends, and jobs are great. I leave for Guatamala on Friday and I'm so excited. Everything has worked out for me to go on this trip and I am thankful that God has seen me through to this point. I'll blog later with details and while I'm on the trip. Please pray that things will go well on this trip and everyone will be safe and blessed. I'll write more tomorrow. So tired and I have a long drive back to Leavenworth tomorrow. I came home for a couple of days to see my family. Ah, so nice to come home.
Oh, also pray for a friend: Todd-he's traveling to Pakistan tomorrow and will be gone for month. Todd, I know your frustrations with this trip but I know you will have an amazing time. I pray that God will keep you safe and bless your time there. I can't wait to hear your stories.
Take care all; I'll write more tomorrow.
Peace and Blessings

Monday, May 09, 2005

Here we go!

Alright, Huge update because I know I haven't published in a while....Here we go!

Family: My brother and sister in law are having a baby girl---Name will be Annika Michelle Paige (Anna for short). I'm so excited. I'm gonna have a little niece!
Everyone else is great. Happy mom's day yesterday. Jenna's great. She sent me a care package for finals...awe..sweet! Thanx Jenna Ben!
My dog Bean is with me here at school. She's a hit. Everyone luvs her except for one guy on fourth floor who called her fat and ugly (fugly) Poor Bean...I'll admit she's gained weight but she's just voluptuous.

Youth and Church: Youth is going really well. The mission evangelism team is rockin my little world. Lindsey and I took them to the Shalom House in KC....a house for homeless men. We cooked and fed them and sat down and chit chatted! It was amazing. Jon said his perspective was changed completely. He thought the men would be depressed and bitter...not so...They all have wonderful out looks on life, but most are victims of misfortune. Others are living there as they work to make money for their families. I met one man who comes to KC every year for the past four years to work. If he makes $100 a week he'll send $95 to his family in Mexico. Wonderful experience! Thank you God for the opportunity that arose. Lord I thank you that each kid took something away from this experience and I ask that you would continue to reign blessings upon the Shalom house and the service they provide. Touch each and every man there father that they may come to know you and be rich in Your love.

Also, Luke passed his first oral board. Congrats! He has to go back to AZ for more...I'm not all clear on the details. Lord, what a wonderful servant You have in Luke. He has been such an awesome leader and is raising up leaders in the youth. Father, I pray that you would continued to minister in his life and let your will be done in regards to his future and this career opportunity.

Also, Eric Watson, a worship leader at the Vineyard who has an amazing heart for God, is currently working vocals in his worship team and has asked me to sing harmonies with him and Heather. Wow...I'm totally stoaked. We work every Tuesday night and I look forward to it every week. I really love to sing but feel my voice is so inadequate for perfomance. However, he told me that my voice in harmony blend well with his and Heather's. It's been amazing working with them. What a great opportunity. God is really working in my life!

Um...Oh...Quick note. I got to meet Luke's mom yesterday. What an amazing woman. She was awesome and a great photographer. Such a sweet spirit. She left yesterday but I'm glad I had the chance to chit chat with her.

Good night, long blog....Okay, that's all in that category...Moving on...Here we go!

School: FINALS! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (That's all)

Jobs: Um...LV Times...still the greatest job ever. My editor called and said this golf picture I took for a benifit tournament was the best golf picture they had ever published since the paper has been in print. My editor, Jeff, is so encouraging! Sheridens....not working there. Mary Kay...My loan hasn't gone through and if it doesn't I thinking God has something better lined up for me. And that would be great!

Friends: So blessed. I beat Brenton/Bob in a game of canasta. He's looking for a rematch after finals. I beat him pretty bad! Oops...It's about time though. He always wins. Melissa is really growing in her faith and I'm so happy to see it. Lindsey and Lane have become really good friends of mine. Lindsey especially has been such a blessing; very encouraging and eager to know how things are going. Thanks girls.

Wow----getting late: One more...Here we go!

Other news: Guatamala is coming up! Can't wait!

I wrote a couple more songs. I'm a machine lately. God is working so beautifully in my life that the words flow from my heart like I've never experienced. I'll post them later.
I'm going to bed. Sorry for the length!